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Contacta STS-K080-IP Weather Rated Window Intercom System

Contacta STS-K080-IP Weather Rated Window Intercom System

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This window intercom system provides high quality sound for window locations, delivery points, and other applications where one side is outdoors. Our IP54 rating makes this product perfectly suited to withstand harsh weather conditions and environments, offering protection against water, dust, and dirt ingress.

Our high quality microphone and speaker pick up minimal background noise, ensuring both the customer and staff side of the intercom can be clearly heard.

For more information about the STS-K080-IP system, download our product sheet.

For more information about our other systems, download our Contacta Speech Transfer Intercom System.


  • STS-A31H, Window Intercom System Amplifier
  • STS-SU1-B, Staff Unit Speaker and Microphone (Black)
  • STS-S80-IP, IP54 Overhead Speaker
  • STS-M15-300-IP, IP54 Stem Microphone
  • IL-AE99, Under the Counter Hearing Loop Aerial
  • STS-EX5M, 5 Meter Extension Cable

Physical Data (boxed)
Dimensions Height –4.72” Width – 25.19” Depth – 13.38”