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Portable Hearing Loop Kit

Portable Hearing Loop Kit

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Want to have hearing loop accessibility where ever your group meets?  This easy to set up kit is ideal for meeting rooms, class rooms, and other rooms 3000 t0 5000 sq. ft.
This kit includes a Univox PLSx3 driver along with a handheld and a lapel/head wireless mic mounted and wired in a light weight rolling case.  The case has a pocket to store the microphones.  Also included is 300' of loop wire on a reel.  The wire is divided into 50' lengths connected together by push connectors.  This gives the capability to customize the loop length in 50 foot increments.  When its time to set up, roll in the case, plug into the wall, connect, run and tape the loop wire, and go.

The system includes.
  • 1 - Univox PLSx3 hearing loop driver
  • 1 - Univox hearing loop listener/tester.
  • 1 - Wireless handheld mic system
  • 1 - Wireless lapel/head mic mic system
  • 1 - Rackbag.

The system can easily be plugged into a separate sound system or portable powered speakers (not included.)  Set up and operating instructions are included.

$2540.00 plus shipping.