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Contacta HLD3 Hearing Loop Room Kit

Contacta HLD3 Hearing Loop Room Kit

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Bring the TV sound right to your ears.  Listen to the TV at a volume comfortable for all in the room.  Its easy to loop your TV room with this kit.  Comes with complete instructions for hooking up to the TV and installing the loop wire. 

Loop wire can be placed around the perimeter of the room under the carpet, or along moldings, or even under the floor in the basement.


  • Contacta HLD3 Loop Amplifier with built in DAC,
  • 6ft 3.5st to RCAM audio cable,
  • 6ft optical cable,
  • 100ft of 22awg loop wire,
  • power supply,
  • and 5 cable fasteners. 
  • Black or white wire available